Primary 3 and 4

April 2011
Read about The Dog and his Bone.
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1. Draw a bone.
2. Who talks to the dog?
3. What does the dog see in the water?
4. Where did the bone go?
5. How did the dog feel in the end?

December 2010
Read about ABC Zoo.
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1. What is the new animal at the zoo?
2. What animal starts with letter F in the story?
3. What animals live in the water in the story?
4. Where does the new animal go in the end?
5. Do you think it is a real animal? Draw a picture of it.

November 2010
Read more about Teddy's Adventure
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1. Where did Kumiko go?
2. What colour is mothers shopping bag?
3. What is the name of the supermarket?.
4. How did Teddy feel in the rubbish truck?
5. Where was Teddy in the end? Draw a picture of Teddy's adventure.

October 2010
Read more about The Little Red Ship in , Chapter 2.
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1. Where was the little red ship?
2. What was the weather like?
3. What did the lighthouse say?.
4. Where did the little red ship sail back to?
5. Draw a picture about the story.

September 2010
Read about The Little Red Ship, Chapter 1.
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1. What did the seagulls say?
2. Where did the little red ship go?
3. Who said "Don't go too far"? Draw and write the names of the 3 things.
4. What happened to the little red ship?
5. What do you think will happen next?