Primary 5 and 6

April 2011
Read about Roy the Singing Zebra, Part 2.
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1. What did George bring to the zoo?
2. Where did Roy put it?
3. What disguise did Roy wear?
4. What will Roy and George do next?
5. Draw a picture about this story.

December 2010
Read about Roy the Singing Zebra, Part 1.
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1. What 3 things does Roy love to do?
2. Why does Roy sing quietly?
3. Who is Roy's neighbour?
4. What is the little boy called?
5. Draw a picture of Roy and his friend in the zoo.

November 2010
Wild Animals Okay
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1. What was the man in the first picture doing?
2. Copy the man's poem.
3. Where will Cornelie's father take her on Sunday?.
4. Where did the man live when he was younger?
5. Draw a picture of Cornelie's pet.

October 2010
Read The Monster Shopping Trip
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1. Where did Henry live?
2. Where do his friends go shopping?
3. How do they get there?.
4. What 3 things did they buy Henry for his birthday?
5. How do you think Henry felt? Draw a picture of Henry and his friends.

September 2010
Read Do Not Open
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1. Where does it say "DO NOT OPEN"?
2. What is John's sister called?
3. How old is she?
4. Where was the key?
5. Where do the children live?  Draw a picture of their home.